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  • Ax8 - fw 8.02

    Firmware Release Notes
    VERSION 8.02 JUNE 05, 2017

    AX8 V8.02 implements the new Amp Modeling improvements and fixes introduced by the Axe-FX Quantum 8.00, Quantum 8.01, & Quantum 8.02, as well as 5 new cabinets.
    • Improved amp modeling. Improves clarity and sounds more “open” especially for non-MV amp models or when the MV is turned up.
    • The bias excursion values for most amp models have been updated based on new measurement techniques. Existing presets will automatically be updated to the new values.
    • Based on user feedback the Amp block Speaker Drive now defaults to zero.
    • Increased gain of “Brit Brown” model by 12 dB.
    • Added “5F1 Tweed EC” based on a Fender Eric Clapton Vibro-Champ.
    • Added (at Kirk Hammett’s request) modifier capability to the output compression parameter (“COMP”) in the Amp block (previously named “OUTPUT COMP”).
    • Added five new factory cabs. These custom mixes represent a small sample of the world-class IRs now available from Celestion. The full IR packages can be purchased at their new website:
    • All types in the Compressor block now support both Filter and Emph parameters. These parameters control the detector filtering. Filter is a low-cut filter and Emph is a high-frequency emphasis. These parameters can be used to tailor the response of the various compressor types to different material.
    • Fixed “quantization” noise when Amp block Transformer Drive parameter is set to its minimum value and a lot of gain is applied after the block. This specifically addresses the “Tube Pre” model as the default Transformer Drive is at the minimum.
    • Fixed Amp block Preamp Hardness parameter not “sticking”.
    • Fixed bug where presets that use a User Cab(s) and were saved under earlier firmware versions might have the incorrect User Cab(s) assigned when recalled on later firmware.
    • Fixed minor bug in Amp block output transformer modeling which caused slight attenuation of upper treble frequencies. This results in clearer, more chimey tones.
    • Fixed mistake in “Citrus RV50” amp model.
    • Removed the Dry Delay parameter from the Flanger as it has never been functional in the AX8.
    • Fixed a bug in the Delay that caused audio problems when attaching a controller to the Diffusion parameter.
    Ja ist denn scho wieder Weihnachen!?

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    cool, checken wir mal direkt. da wir ne prof. metallica Tribute band ( sind, sind solche Features immer gern gesehen ;-) thanx


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      Ralph, bist du auf ein AX8 umgestiegen?
      Spielst du schon oder schraubst du noch?


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        Ja, habe aber nichts dafür verkauft! Unser andere Gitarrist hatte im Januar eines dabei, das hat mich nach langem überlegen überzeugt.
        Ich musste mich natürlich komplett neu zurechtfinden.
        Bedienstruktur, CPU und Anzahl Taster ( im Vergleich zur MFC) - man muss halt Abstriche machen.
        Aber es funzt

        @chrishetfield: Seit ihr auch wieder auf dem Aschaffenburger Stadtfest?

        @Rest: Wer Metallica mag, sollte Metakilla nicht verpassen!

        Gesendet mit Tapatalk
        Ja ist denn scho wieder Weihnachen!?