Axe-Fx III Firmware 22.00 Public Beta #6 (Beta 12)


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Okt 16, 2021

This fixes a couple display bugs in clients, i.e. Axe-Edit, improves channel/scene switching time, adds another Dyna-Cab and adds some impedance curves.

WARNING!!! Dyna-Cab data WILL change for the final release version and any presets you create with this public beta may need to be manually edited to correct shifts in the location of the cabinets. If you are not comfortable with this caveat do NOT install this firmware.

The firmware is now comprised of two components: a main firmware image and a Dyna-Cab data image. BOTH must be installed!


1. Make sure Fractal-Bot is the latest version.

2. Extract the firmware .syx file and the dyna_cabs_1p04.syx file from the archive.

3. Install the the new firmware as usual. After rebooting you will see a warning that the Dyna-Cab data is not installed or the wrong version. Press Exit.

4. Install the Dyna-Cab data. Drag-and-drop dyna_cabs_1p04.syx onto Fractal-Bot as you would a firmware image. Send the data. Reboot when instructed.

Here's a link to the required version of Axe-Edit: