Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.05


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Feb 12, 2014

Yeah baby! Muss ich heut mal austesten ... . Das war schon Donnerstag, und keine Sau sacht was.


Improved client-server protocol to reduce message traffic. This results in snappier GUI performance especially for presets with high CPU usage. The new protocol is backwards compatible with Axe-Edit, however the latest version of Axe-Edit is required to take full advantage of the improvements.

Improved Amp block power tube grid clipping algorithm.

Fixed error in Studio FB compressor type that could result in distortion under certain circumstances. Fixed wrong gain constant in Tube Drive 4-Knob model.

Fixed feedback network not fully initialized in Recto and Triple Crest models. In most cases this is inaudible but in rare cases when switching between Amp block channels the tone and gain of the power amp could be incorrect.

Fixed LFO Phase not working when LFO type is set to Astable.

Fixed incorrect extra feedback path in Pitch block for Quad Chromatic Delay and Quad Diatonic Delay types.