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Axe-Fx III FW 1.12


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Sep 28, 2012

Zumindest der Ignore Redundant PC bug ging auf mein Konto ...:p


Here is a sample preset demonstrating the new Multidelay and Spring Reverb stuff:

Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Notes


Added Global Block support for Input 1 block.

Added Scene Volumes to Output block.

Improved Multidelay block. The Band Delay type has been replaced by a more flexible Quad Parallel Delay. The Quad Parallel Delay and the Quad Series Delay now feature four delay lines in a parallel or series configuration, respectively, as before, with the output of each delay line feeding a series combination of a bandpass filter and a resonator. Added drive, low-cut and hi-cut filters allow further tone sculpting. To defeat the bandpass filters set Master Q to minimum. To defeat the resonators set Master Resonator Feedback to 0.

Improved Spring Reverb algorithm. New algorithm features improved dispersion modeling and adjustable low and high frequency decay time ratios.

Improved knob response for fine adjustments.

Fixed Reverb GUI so that only valid parameters show on All page for selected type.

Fixed system backup hanging if on preset containing certain types of foot controller data.

Fixed engaging Tuner causes reset of External Controller values.

Fixed Ignore Redundant PC not working.

Fixed Tremolo block not updating rate when entering tempo.